Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let the Exercising Begin!

I suddenly realized this weekend that I have the perfect exercise venue at my job: the air conditioned halls and stairs are perfect for a lunchtime workout. Have you ever used the halls and stairs in your home or workplace for exercise? My mother, who is in her upper 60s, has been walking halls and stairs for years. She lives in a 22-floor building and one of her exercises is to walk down the very long hallway, go up one flight of stairs, walk down that hallway and then up another flight of stairs. She does this until she gets to the top floor and then down she goes, one flight and one hallway at a time. And she's not slow about it, either!

The building I work in has only 5 floors, but I'm in such bad shape that I feel winded walking up one flight. My goal will be to do all 5 floors every work day. My first day will let me know how difficult the task is, after which I'll make adjustments so that I gradually build up my fitness and am able to do all 5 flights. I have an iPod to help me with boredom. I'm feeling very positive about this!




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