Saturday, June 17, 2006

Raw Food Potluck

Minnie' Raw Samosas with chutney
Felicia and I hosted a small raw food get-together at our place tonight. It really turned out to be a fabulous experience, with all of us trying recipes we'd never had before. We had samosas with chutney which used Indian spice mixtures. It was flavorful and aromatic- delicious! My camera battery conked out so I didn't get good pictures of the wonderful sushi brought by Brian and Kat (I hope I spelled your names correctly!) but it was beautiful and tasted great!

Felicia made her raw lasagna, a mango-tomato salsa, and a dessert of strawberries and mint in balsamic vinegar. I made guacamole, which we ate with flax seed crackers and sprouted tortillas. Also on the table was hummus, to which was added olive oil and paprika for both appearance and taste. We had quite an international table, great conversation and promises of a repeat performance in the near future.

Raw food potlucks are such a great idea, not only because potlucks in general are a fun, affordable way to get together with old and new friends, but because they are an excellent way to experience new recipes without having to experiment in the kitchen yourself! Now that we've tasted Minnie's samosas, Felicia is looking forward to adding them to her repertoire (Minnie says she'll put the recipe up at the Raw Odyssey Cafe). The sushi was well-made and inspired me to make mine the way these were done, as they were much neater than the ones I create, and the nori wasn't the least bit moist. The flavored soy sauce was excellent! Those at the potluck who don't usually eat raw said they were impressed with what they saw and tasted. A very nice evening indeed. (And we got the leftovers -Happy happy joy joy!)

I'm looking forward to our next potluck. :-)




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