Monday, June 19, 2006

My Changing Appetite

Over the past two or three weeks I've noticed that my tolerance for certain flavors and textures seems to have narrowed. More and more I seem to prefer blander, plainer, and less-processed foods. It's strange to realize how my enjoyment of flavorful foods has diminished. That's not to say I don't like them- I loved the samosas we had at our potluck this weekend. They were beautiful and colorful and aromatic, with deep flavoring, but I find that one tiny piece is all I can have. (Now, why couldn't I have experienced this back when I was eating pizzas and drinking gallons of Pepsi? Not fair, I tell you.)

What I'm eating a lot of these days are nuts (a couple of ounces daily), hummus sandwiches made with Ezekiel bread, and mildly sweet fruits such as melons and bananas. I drink plenty of water, or at least try to. I was getting into a kombucha tea habit for a while but the last three I had made me feel the way I feel when I drink wine- the muscles in my neck, shoulders and arms get a bit "achey" when I have alcohol. I was surprised that kombucha tea has been having the same effect, because although it can contain alchohol from the fermentation process, I can't imagine that such a little amount would affect me like that. Especially when it didn't affect me previously. Is that strange or what?

I'm still eating smoked salmon, but I've found that the smooth kind that is cut into thin slices is getting to me because the texture is a bit, um... slimy. What is wrong with me? I love food! It's crazy to be mentally crossing food after food off my list because it tastes too strong, feels too slimy, or makes my arms hurt! Luckily I can eat the thicker slices of smoked salmon without feeling disgusted, but it's very hard to find any that's free of brown sugar. I guess ceviche is going to be more my thing. By the way, if anyone knows how to make ceviche that doesn't taste too lemoney or "citrusy" from the marinade, I'd really appreciate your passing that info on to me.

I want to extend a welcome to people joining the Raw Odyssey Cafe. There, I discovered another raw foodist in our midst: Renee, who has a nice-looking blog at

Well, that's all for me. Time to get into bed and do my deep breathing exercises! I might be ready to dive back into my Buddhist studies soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the welcome! :)

As for the topic of today's post, I am also finding my tastes changing significantly...and I just completed two weeks raw! The funny thing is that as my preferences for food become smaller, I feel like I have a lot more choices. This raw thing works in mystical ways. :)



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