Saturday, June 10, 2006

Guacaboule: When Food Combinations Go Wrong

A new raw foodist asked what to do with leftovers. I never saw leftovers as a problem because it seems anything can be thrown into a salad! This can work really well; for example, if I try a vegetable for the first time and discover I don't really like it, I can bury it in a salad where it can be covered up with enough herbs and other flavors that I can't taste it. Also, if I'm bored, I might combine different foods to come up with something that looks new and interesting.

As another example, raw spaghetti isn't something we made up, but Felicia wouldn't have bothered to try it if she hadn't had leftover tomato sauce and yellow squash from the raw lasagna she'd just made. By using the spiral slicer to make "noodles" from the squash, she ended up with a tasty meal that was new to us and which put the leftovers to good use.

Sometimes combining leftovers doesn't work too well, though. Felicia and I have very different tastes when it comes to flavors and textures, and she is much more likely to be creative with food combinations than I am. Last night she made an Ezekiel tortilla wrap, combining guacamole and taboule. That combination did not work for me at all, although she thought it was awesome. I'm sure there are many innovative recipes in my raw future, but I'll be staying away from the "guacaboule," thankyouverymuch.




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