Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ceviche to the Rescue

Ceviche @ Bar Celona
Originally uploaded by carradine65.

In response to my post about adding fish to my menu, someone (who, sadly, remains anonymous) suggested that I try ceviche. I had heard of ceviche, but I never knew that the seafood it contains is not cooked but instead marinated in citrus juices. Here is what Wikipedia says about the process: "In addition to adding flavor to the ceviche, the acid in the citrus marinade pickles or "cooks" the fish, so by the time the ceviche is served, the fish is no longer technically raw".

Now, I have no idea if marinating the fish has the same effect on its nutrients than heat-cooking it, although I did learn that while heat can kill parasites, marinating does not. Still, I'm very excited about having a different way to eat unheated fish at home. To be extra safe, I'll prepare fish immediately after bringing it home, or I'll freeze the fish if I plan to marinate it later.

The photo I'm including comes from "carradine65's Flickr page. Great picture, huh? Looks like an awesome raw meal that I can duplicate at home. So now I feel better; in my hunt for relief from my hair loss problem, I have a tasty new source of protein and B vitamins that I don't have to cook with heat! Hair, you'd better start growing!

Raw Odyssey Cafe News
Welcome, new members! I see we now have a recipe for flax seed crackers in the Meet & Greet section- yum! Since I prefer making my own to buying them, I believe I'll be testing this recipe!




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