Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Surprise in California

San Diego has been great so far. Of course it helps that my friend here treated me- surprise, surprise- to a full body massage, manicure, pedicure, facial and hair cut!! I feel great. She knows about my hair falling out from the poorly-balanced raw diet I did last year but she gave me a pixie-ish hairdo that minimizes the appearance of thinning so well you'd have to look closely to tell there's a problem. It's also an easy hairdo to put together. I love it! And the spa was a very nice experience. I kept telling myself to not get self-conscious about my size and weight and to enjoy the treatments, and I did manage to enjoy it. If I budgeted for these things and made them a regular part of taking care of myself, I would probably develop better feelings about my body and my appearance. Something to consider...

I have never seen the ocean- we are going to see that tomorrow. But I did see the bay, and saw the Seaworld fireworks show they have on the bay at night. That was fun. As for food, I had an iced mocha slide and a chocolate muffin for breakfast, 2 slices of pizza for lunch, and sushi for dinner. Really not that bad, except for the breakfast. Tomorrow will be a high-fat day - we're having a Mexican dinner!

Whew- I'm sleepy. Let me take myself and my cute new hairdo to bed.




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