Friday, July 06, 2007

Raw Food Community

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I've been slowly reconnecting with members of the raw food community not only through this blog, but through MySpace groups and other raw food blogs and sites. That saying that you don't know what you've got until it's gone is really true when it comes to the raw food community. Although I'm not spiritual or political about raw food (and therefore tend to relate less easily to raw foodists who are motivated primarily by those ideas), the raw foodists I've met tend to be kind, decent, down-to-earth folks who want to make their lives and the lives of others better. It's generally a nice community to belong to and I've missed you all!

The closer I get in my mindset to returning to the kind of thinking that made aspects of my raw plan successful last year, the more excited I get about experiencing that sense of community again. I'm more optimistic this time that I'll avoid the hair-loss problem because I'll be seeing the nutritionist, and because I've learned from my past experience. Last year, having no personal knowledge to draw from, I had to rely on other people's personal experiences and beliefs about eating raw. This year I've got a lot of reading under my belt about nutrition, and I think getting a nutritionist was a smart thing to do. My raw odyssey this time around will be better informed by what I've learned about my own needs, likes/dislikes and lifestyle.

If any of you raw foodists have MySpace pages, feel free to look me up at It's always reassuring to see so many of us in one spot, even if it is "virtual!" Although I'm better informed these days, I still turn to other raw foodists for motivation, inspiration and different kinds of information. See you there!




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