Monday, July 02, 2007

Found a Nutritionist

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketA few people at my job love a particular nutritionist and have been seeing her for awhile. I've been watching my pennies since I first learned of her and have rearranged my budget so that I will have enough money to see her this month- I'm very excited about this. This woman is well versed on vegetarian foods and just wrote a book about vegetarianism. One of my coworkers who started seeing her this year looks awesome- he has lost weight and looks generally healthier- he's a walking billboard for healthy eating. He speaks enthusiastically about how his life has changed since learning about eating properly. Well, he's singing to the choir. I know from my experiences with my raw diet last year how wonderful the right diet plan can be. I plan to ask her about vegetarian, vegan and raw diets, and especially about weight loss.

I like the idea of seeing a nutritionist (who asks you a bunch of questions and creates a personalized plan) much more than seeing the personal trainer with a sports nutrition education who gave me a generic plan meant for athletes. Nothing against her personally (she's very nice) but I'm not in training to become an athlete. I'm just an ordinary Jane who wants to be fit enough to live a healthy life doing things like racquetball, biking, dancing, riding in an airplane comfortably, wearing clothes I actually like, riding roller coasters, etc. I also want to have energy and stamina because not only can my job be intense, my doctoral studies require hours upon hours of research. I don't like drinking coffee or energy drinks in an attempt to keep myself awake (doesn't work anyway).

Because my Sunday weigh-in still shows no weight loss I made a concerted effort to eat less today. I ended up getting only about 1200 calories. I took some nonfat cottage cheese and melon chunks to work for a "late" breakfast, and a couple of hours later had a Cedarlane lowfat burrito for the fiber. For lunch I had Campbell's ham and bean soup - the whole, big can! For dinner I had some broiled cod, a small sweet potato (baked) and broccoli. Today wasn't a workout day, which is good because I'm still nursing my calves from the stint on the elliptical trainer.

I'm feeling good about the healthy foods I've been eating, and the way I've stuck to my 45-minute workouts, which are increasing in intensity every week. I'm amazed that so quickly, 2.5 mph on the treadmill became too slow! I'm also happy about saving for the nutritionist; I'm hoping this will be a major turning point for me in putting me on the path back to raw (and jump-starting my weight loss).

One thing I learned through my Raw Odyssey last year was that the journey to health can be just as fun as reaching the final weight and fitness goal numbers. I tend to envision the future and want to be there already, so I get frustrated. But if I keep in mind how well I've been doing overall - while not aiming for perfection- I can really enjoy the odyssey and have much to be proud of along the way.


Anonymous said...

this is chubbiegirl. i can't log in so i have to do this anonymously.

anyway, i'm wondering if you've ever been checked for insulin resistance. actually, if you have a "beer belly" then you more than likely are insulin resistant. that could explain your inability to lose weight.

now, i'm not a doctor, so you might want to research this and make your own decision, but you can try taking a cinnamon capsule and/or a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with meals. both of these natural products help the body to utilize insulin more effectively and can help with weight loss and slow the progression of/treat/help to prevent type 2 diabetes. just google cinnamon or apple cider vinegar and blood sugar or insulin and read up about it.

you don't even have to buy cinnamon capsules if you don't want to. just put a cinnamon stick in your tea or coffee. the beneficial compounds are water soluble, so you can get some of the benefits just by drinking your daily tea. if you do decide to buy the capsules, you can find them at most major drug stores for around $8. don't pay the extra money for the whole foodsy stuff, there is no difference. for the apple cider vinegar, i use braggs. that way you get the mother culture to help digestion as well. kill two critters with one stone...

anyway, i hope this helps you some. take care.



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