Saturday, August 05, 2006

Ladies' Night!

A dear friend of mine is staying the weekend, so this has been a weekend of fun! We've spent hours gallivanting around the city and visiting resorts (for free, of course). Resourcefulness is a necessary skill when you are a poor student. There is a surprisingly large number of activities you can do for free or for a nominal fee in Vegas. Sight seeing is a good example, but we found some very cheap places to have fun- ladies' night at a club, a dinner special at a casino restaurant, and a night club with no entry fee, for a few.

I've done more walking these past couple of days than I think I've done in a week, but that probably won't make up for the calories I've consumed in tequila sunrises (hey- orange juice is raw!) and the salmon dinner I had the other night. Other than taking advantage of ladies' night, I have stayed away from less healthy fare despite having plenty of opportunity. I make sure to eat enough at home before leaving so that I have hours to go before being hungry again. My breakfasts have been cottage cheese and fruit, maybe a slice of ezekiel bread.

New Health Concern
Lately I'm wondering if I'm having gall bladder problems. I should go to the doctor but you know me... I hate seeing doctors. The reason I'm speculating about gall bladder is because the cramp-like pains I get in my lower right/front abdomen seem to come only after I eat or drink. The length of time the pains stay and their intensity vary greatly. Sometimes the pain is so mild I can ignore it. Other times I can barely breathe and can't move for a few minutes. Most of the time the pain is moderate, although somewhat limiting for a while. Since I don't eat constantly, I don't think about the pain until I have a snack or meal. I'm only thinking of it now because I just finished breakfast and I'm feeling the twinges beginning. Apparently losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time can lead to gall bladder problems. Felicia had gall bladder problems and her pains were emergency-department severe. Mine have approached that severity only a couple of times.

Well, the weekend isn't over yet- there is more fun to be had. Tonight I'll be dancing and burning calories!


Anonymous said...

Hi! Have read your blog for a while
now... Just thought I'd pop in, say "howdy", and offer a suggestion:

First: Howdy!

Second: About the pains you were/
are having on the right front part
of your abdomen, etc... You may
want to get checked for possible

Google it and see if the symptoms
for appendicitis fits with what
you're experiencing.

I'm believing that's not it, and
that maybe it's just trapped gas...
BUT! it doesn't hurt to check it

AND! If you no longer have your
appendix, then neeeevermind. *smile*


~~ Life



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