Tuesday, August 15, 2006

227 Days Raw!

Since my fast I have changed one aspect of my eating: I stopped eating breakfast before leaving for work. Instead, I take fresh fruit with me and eat that at work as my breakfast. At noon I have my normal sized lunch (and usually I'm hungry by then). In the evening I eat a small meal because I'm usually not starving. I've been a little better about drinking more water, these past couple of days. I deliberately did not weigh myself this morning, but I might do so tomorrow as I am curious about whether I've bounced back up the scale since resuming solid foods.

Tomorrow I have a little challenge: I'm starting a new job and will be attending a staff meeting they are having where I will be able to meet everyone. This meeting includes a luncheon the company provides. I imagine that they will not have foods I will want to eat, so I will have to figure out what to do. Maybe I can take some dried fruit and munch on that. Times like these are when dried fruit truly comes in handy!

Oh- and let me tell you about one particular dried fruit that comes in handy for me: prunes! Yeah, prunes,- the stuff I used to joke about when I was a kid, when I thought only old people ate 'em! Occasionally I get - um- stopped up, if y'know what I mean. I had that problem the first day after my two-day fast ended, which I thought was strange. Anyway, I have found that one or two prunes will solve the problem within less than 24 hours. I am really sensitive to prunes since I started eating raw, so I have to limit myself to one or I'll have cramps all day. I eat it when I get home from work or before I go to bed so that by morning, voila- I am cured. A simple example of using food as medicine. I love avoiding pills. I wish I could find a food for headaches now! And stuffed sinuses. And ear infections...




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