Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Desperately in Need of Raw Snack Ideas

The busier I get at my job and with my classes, the more often I will have to deal with eating outside of the house. It's such a challenge! My desire to stick to raw foods is so strong that at times I will risk severe stomach pain, headaches and lightheadedness because I stubbornly refuse to eat the non-raw foods available- I just drink water and go hungry. I have to figure out how to deal with this. Sometimes I am lucky and there is salad or a fruit tray available at the venue, but often there are just fattening entrees and foods I don't eat anymore. Catered events often have vegetarian options, but many of them are swimming in cheese or oils. If I liked carrots and celery I would carry those, but I can't stand them and they don't fill me up. Apples give me a stomach ache, and other fruits are too soft or too messy. Perhaps I should carry flax seed crackers and eat those during the lunch breaks we get during these marathon workshops, seminars and staff meetings. If anyone has better ideas, though, I would appreciate your sending them.


LaurenSina said...

I carry LaraBars with me because they are easy to eat and filling. And they are available most places (and they will be in 7-11 next month, of all places). I also make huge salads I keep in my fridge and carry a container of that around. The last thing I eat on the go are lettuce wraps - take a leaf of romaine, add a slice of avocado, squeeze a bit of lime on top, and it's an instant satisfying meal.

TheWriterStuff said...

Definitely raw food bars are very helpful. Also, carrying around nuts, a raw trail mix or raw granola.

Deika said...

Hi Felicia,
I cut up celery and carrots and always have a container. If there is a fridge at yr office make some raw hummus with zucchini (its awesome) and then eat it with veggie pieces. Also apples are filling. Larabars and raw food bars are good too, but I live in Europe and cannot get them. I alwso make myself raw granola and eat it out of a sandwich bag. I think you are amazing and inspirational. My weight loss has been slow I went fr 229 to 195 in 4 months and have plateued. Many blessings Dea :)



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