Monday, August 13, 2007

Blogger Changes that Simplify Raw Odyssey Searches

I noticed that now we can tag our blog entries! This is great, because now if I write about the tired topic of "hair loss," talk about how I have/don't have cravings, or how I am "starting over" again, I can tag my post with those words or phrases. You can then click on a tag that appears at the bottom of a post and see how many times I have "fallen off the wagon" or what post it was that I first noticed my hair falling out. Or maybe those things are more important to me than to any of you- haha! But still, it is interesting to see where I am today compared to a year and a half ago. If I tag all of the posts that have my blood pressure, for example, I can go back through history and see how my diet has affected my BP simply by clicking "blood pressure."

So I am currently going through 300 posts and adding tags. For those of you who subscribe to this blog via a newsfeed, I apologize if you suddenly appear to have a hundred new posts (I'm just guessing this could happen). I won't get this all done in one week I don't think, but I put a dent in it today. I'm already fascinated by how many times I have the same insights. Will I ever learn? :-)




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