Monday, September 10, 2007

Communing with Nature

I had a wonderful weekend exploring the natural wonders of the Southwest. The unspoiled desert is truly beautiful. I’ve known since I was a child that I would end up somewhere down here. These are my colors, my weather, and my creatures! I took many photographs as I wandered through Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas. I don’t ask for much out of life; being around nature reminds me that I really don’t need much. Yes, I must work in order to have a roof over my head, and getting an education gives me more choices in the kinds of jobs I can have, so I must study. I must sleep and eat as well. But on a daily basis, life is pretty simple for me- much more simple than I can make it sometimes, worrying about whether I’m doing something “correctly.” When I’m around nature I don’t think about what I eat, how much I eat, what the scale says, who’s going to criticize my food choices, etc. All of that seems so abnormal and silly when I’m communing with nature. And so I return home after these jaunts feeling more whole and at ease with myself. As long as I am doing what is right for me, I am happy!

Note to Raw Vegan Mama: You are right, McDougall doesn't advocate dairy, but he does list an egg substitute I'd never heard of. It's probably not dairy. I know Egg Beaters are, but I'm just not giving them up quite yet!




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