Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Good Second Week!

Today was weigh-in day; I lost 1.25 lbs. Not much, but much better than gaining. I used to celebrate on weigh-in day by eating whatever I wanted, and then spend the rest of the week in a panic, making up for overeating. This time I around I've decided I'll have treats, but they'll usually be things that are perhaps high calories but not totally unhealthy. Today's treats were whole-milk yogurt (instead of low fat) and an Amy's burrito that has 14 grams of fat in it (that's 7 points out of a 36 point day- not bad, but a lot for a smallish burrito).

I stopped at Whole Foods for my weekly stash of salad fixin's. They have a corn "salsa" once in a while that has feta cheese in it that I really like. I can make that on my own but today I bought it, along with tabouli, marinated artichoke hearts, and a couple of other mixtures. Almost everything I get from them is marinated in olive or canola oil, herbs, wine and/or vinegar, so I find no need to add salad dressing. I also bought tomatoes, hummus, Ezekiel pita bread, 7 Amy's burritos (I have one every morning for breakfast), low-fat cottage cheese, mini mozzarella balls and roasted tomatoes (to make caprese salad) and feta. I bought fresh mangoes, strawberries and a container of pre-cut fresh fruit. I can see that dairy products are going to be the hardest for me to give up as I go more towards a whole foods/vegan/raw type diet.

So far I feel good about my trip back to health. Getting my health on track is great for my self esteem and is leading me to take charge of other areas of my life that need improvement. For example, my clothes are mostly either too big or too small, old, or not appropriate for the weather. Usually I tell myself that I shouldn't spend money on clothes, but what I'm really doing is avoiding dealing with being large and having to find flattering clothes that fit properly. Since I'm realizing that wearing styles that I like has a positive effect on my my self esteem, I have to do myself a favor and spend time in clothing stores no matter how much I hate the process. Another thing is my hair. As I've mentioned in the past, since losing hair last year I've covered it up with wigs, hats and scarves. I'm now looking for someone to style it for me so that I can stop wearing the wigs and hats.

Have a great week, everybody, and big thanks to those who have left me some kind and supportive comments. They really help!


Anonymous said...

welcome back! i am in the same boat as you... i gained a lot of weight and am getting back on track. raw is hard for me and so i was thinking of doing it the WW way since that is what worked for me before... but i would love to be raw vegan as well

always a battle :) but its possible.




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