Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another Round of Bloodwork

I met with a doctor that I found on the hypothyroidism website. A very nice and patient doctor who told me that based on my medical history, symptoms, and family history, I may have PCOS or hypothyroidism. Here's what I was told (in my own words, ok?) While my TSH score is in the low-normal range, my bloodwork did not show my T3, which could be outside the normal range and cause my symptoms. As for the PCOS, insulin resistance is often related to that condition, and carbohydrates would aggravate it. Of course I eat a lot of carbs on a vegetarian or vegan diet (raw or not). The doctor hates Atkins but says a low carb diet might be worth a try just to get the weight off.

I've been trying to get information on eating a raw diet when suffering from PCOS and as usual, nothing is conclusive. Raw foodists who don't have PCOS seem- for the most part- adamant about raw food being fine for PCOS sufferers. As is my norm, of course, I'm more interested in what raw foodists who actually have PCOS are doing. Now, I have no idea if I have hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, PCOS or whatever, but I do like to educate myself on an issue as well as collect firsthand stories from people going through a similar challenge. The power of the internet is most evident for me when people with similar experiences use it to share information and help each other out- especially when the medical establishment and gurus don't have the knowledge.

I get my results next Friday. I'm not sure what I want the results to be. I want to eat 100% raw, so I don't want the raw diet to be the cause of my problems. Yet I don't want to have to take thyroid pills or glucophage or that other PCOS medication I read about. I want to be all natural, darn it!


chubbiegirl said...

hey sweets-it's chubbiegirl again,

i have both pcos and hashimoto's thyroiditis (hypothryoidism) and i'm pretty sure i mentioned both to you at some point. i don't think the raw diet is harmful for women with pcos as long as your body doesn't respond unfavorably to the increased carbs. unfortunately, there is no one true way to deal with pcos via diet. a moderated carb intake diet is what they normally recommend but it did nothing for me, but it does seem to help a lot of women with pcos. if that's the route you want to go, i would look into the south beach diet, or any of the diets based on the glycemic index.

i can tell you what i try to do (i'm not always good about it). i try to eat raw during the day. since i'm aware that you can slow the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream by increasing fiber, protein and fat, i try to make sure that each raw meal has plenty of each. i will sometimes even just take fish oil and psyllium with my meals to make sure of this. i also take cinnamon when i remember to.

at dinner most days, i try to make it about a protein and lots of veggies. grilled chicken, roasted broccoli and a big salad make up a typical dinner for me. i haven't been trying to lose weight, but when i am-eating this way exclusively and exercising works well for me.

the point being, you have to find what works for you. when do you feel healthiest all over? how can you modify the raw diet to make it best for you? i wouldn't dismiss eating raw out of hand, just modify it to make it better for you. if that means eating meat/fish/chicken once a day, and eating nuts with every other raw meal then that's what you should do. if it means something else, than that's what it means.

i'll try to figure out some way to get you my email. i really hope that you get some answers. i know how frustrating this can be.

Sarah said...

you could try doing a raw juice FEAST. I'm fasting right now and you lose about a pound a day. It's good if you've eaten a lot of junk food throughout your life because it cleans out your system. I think juice feasting is really interesting because you really clean out your system and you get a ton of nutrients at the same time.

becoming whole said...

I have PCOS. I am trying to transition to become 100% raw. However, I am taking my time this time. I wish I could just go cold turkey, but I did that last time and it didn't last. I was 100% raw for only 2 weeks, but I noticed a big change in my PCOS. My moods where great. My facial hair growth slowed down and my the loosing of my head hair slowed down. I also have insomnia from the PCOS and during the 100% raw I found I was going to sleep ealier and staying asleep. I also lost 11 pounds or more in those 2 weeks. I had GREAT results and that is why I need to recommit. I also have diabetes now from the PCOS and my blood sugar levels where great while 100% raw eating lots of fruits.



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