Saturday, October 14, 2006

35 lb weight gain! Sad, but True.

Seems impossible to gain so much weight in such a little amount of time. I swear I must have a physical disease. I weighed myself earlier this week and found myself back over the 300 lb mark. I'm not depressed about it - maybe I'm still in shock. Really, though, I just kind of took it as inevitable; that's what happens when you overeat SAD and don't exercise. Maybe I have an extra-sluggish metabolism or something as well, but the main thing is that I ate more calories than I expended. BIG TIME.

So I joined the bootcamp. I don't have a lot to report yet because I really haven't been doing it properly due to not having enough money to buy the right amounts of groceries. Erratic access to the internet caused me to miss a couple of days of proper logging, too. After my move these conditions will improve. We have to do one hour of exercise daily for the bootcamp. Right now mine consists of packing boxes, tossing out stuff and cleaning. Boy, do I ache right now!! I've been taking Alleve this week. And my allergy symptoms have gotten so bad that I've taken out the old pills to use until my raw diet cures me of that problem again. I swear the symptoms are worse than last year. My sinuses hurt for three days straight.

I was eyeing a marathon that's being held here in December. If they have a walking version of it (often there are 5k walks associated with marathon events) I might try to envision myself training for that- it's a motivational tactic more than anything; I'm not sure I'm really gonna do any 5k's in the near future. Right now it's hard for me to think positively about losing weight at all, but as long as I look at the situation logically instead of emotionally, I know it will happen. There's no way that eating raw and going to the gym will not result in weight loss. Perhaps by next month when things are more settled I'll feel more positive about things. One day at a time remains the mantra.


chubbiegirl said...

try not to feel so discouraged, sweets. you are still much better off than you were before you started your raw journey. this is all a learning experience, and each setback allows you to understand yourself better and makes it more likely that you will get closer to where you want to be next time. i have no doubt that you'll get there.

anyway, be well.
cg :)

Jennifer Lapan said...

do you keep a food journal / blog anywhere? I am committing to 100% raw food, and I just bought a journal to keep track of everything. I really must know how you gained 35lbs on all raw food. It is not your fault, I would love to help you succeed. I also want to know so that I, and others I know can help from what you've learned. Please email me at jennifer.lapan at gmail dot com

take care, god bless, I really hope to hear from you.



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